The Knott Family

I was placed with Kathryn as my cooperating teacher during my student teaching at Clemson and our friendship just grew from there. I was so blessed to be placed with someone who was a lot like me and who I would continue a strong friendship with even after. 

Kathryn told me she was pregnant and of course, I freaked out. She was already like a sister to me, so I felt like I was becoming Auntie Em all over again. I took a job at the same school teaching in the same grade and I was able to see her all throughout her pregnancy. It was so fun to watch the whole process and now look at sweet Lucas!

He is such a happy baby. And seriously, check out those dimples! Kathryn and Jeff love on him so well. Lucas, you are one lucky boy! These three got up early enough to hit the sunrise at this beautiful barn in a huge field and it definitely did not disappoint. 

Now, here is the Knott family! :)