When you go to the beach, do you tiptoe onto the sand? Afraid to get your feet fully enveloped into the grains of sand or the water?


Typically, you see people running right as they hit the sand, digging their toes into the soft texture on their feet. 


This is the same with Jesus.

I am about to get real here so stay tuned.....

Recently, I have learned a lot about my downfalls and struggles as the 24 year old person I am. This sucks a little bit but the cool thing is that I have found others with many of the same struggles.

Truth #1 : I AM NOT ALONE

This was huge for me to actually open up to someone, talk about it, and then realize it wasn't scary but actually so helpful. I have put expectations on myself to be all for everyone and in everything. I am human, I will fail, I simply cannot do that.

I have thought that I needed to be the best sister, daughter, wife, friend, small group leader, children's director, photographer; you name it, I probably felt that I had to excel at it. I filled (still fill) my time with things that help others, fill up people. I have this feeling of needing to be so involved in everything. Guess what? That is exhausting! Do you feel this way too?

Everything I am involved in or people I am with - it is all good things, some even GREAT things! But where is the time for me and God? Where is the time for God to move spontaneously in my life? Well, I have filled all that time with tasks, to do's, meetings, etc.

Jennie Allen writes in Nothing To Prove : "I always thought I had to be the hero, but now I realize begin rescued is actually the most freeing, beautiful resolution to a story."

Dang. I don't have to save everyone, be everything for everyone, do all the things! That is freeing!!!! I haven't grasped this fully, because it takes time to change lifestyles & mindsets, but just knowing this truth spurs me on to sit still more often.

Truth #2 : BE STILL and let God work.

She continues to write that when Jesus came to Earth He was "fully connected to God and other people, fully present, fully aware of needs, fully satisfied in His identity, and fully confident in God." I can look back and see where I am connected with God and others, I can be present, I see needs, I am occasionally satisfied in who I am, and I am confident in God's work. But fully? I am not sure about that one. I don't think many of us can say that we are fully all of those things? News flash - it's okay! Please know that. I am holding onto that and you should too. But now that we recognize this, we must do something about it.

So what do we do?

Truth #3 : I can't be fully into what God has if my schedule is full. 

Make time to rest. Make time to pour into others, be involved in great things. Cut back on whatever in your life isn't fully God.

This can be many things:

- friendships

- time on social media

- comparison

- anything you are involved in

Don't take this as me saying we should just quit everything we have going on. Let's examine our schedules and what takes up our time. Then let's figure out what brings out the best in us and allows God to work the most. Keep those forefront, everything else can either be toned back on or cut out. It is not only okay to say no, but it best for you to decide what you need to be fully invested in. 

Do not be afraid to live fully!

Don't let what people will think stop you. No one's opinion matters more than Jesus. When you stand in front of Him, will you want to know that you fully gave all you had to Him throughout your days or will you be wishing you had cut out some thing in order to make more time for living in Jesus?

Let's do this. Let's live fully!!!