Furman University | Mrs. Ritchie Bridals

Furman University | Greenville SC | Bridal Session

It seems to be that I meet all of my brides through mutual friends - I am not complaining at all because this means two things. 1) My friends are the best for recommending me. 2) Their friends get to become mine, too!

Allison and I met about a year ago when her and Jake first got engaged. We spent an evening taking their engagement photos all around Furman and let me tell you, I always come away from a time with my couples feeling so refreshed and blessed. These two were no exception.

The day of Allison's bridals we had a little stall in the plan - her bouquet wasn't ready. Being the caring bride that she is, she was so concerned about my time and having everything perfect. We arrived at Furman and instead of changing and starting the session we chatted for a few about their big day and nailed down some details for the timeline. As soon as we finished, her sister arrived with the bouquet - woohoo! All turned out well and on time and honestly just a perfect example of a wedding day. Not everything will go the way you planned but I try my best to help you as a bride remember the big picture and just to move on with the day.


Congratulations Mrs. Ritchie - I couldn't be more excited for you and your beautiful self!



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