Lexi & Wes // Anniversary

Lexi and I taught together this past year but weren't that close during the year. She reached out to me at the beginning of the summer to get together. She wanted to talk about this amazing blog that her and husband were starting together. Husband & wife duo - how awesome. Their blog is called 'Flavor and Flair', she talks about fashion and he talks all about food. Seriously, check out their site, more is to come so soon!

Lexi and I met up for coffee and got to chatting about life, teaching, dreams, etc. One of those talks where you walk away feeling really thankful for the little moments and the dreams that Jesus has allowed each of us to pursue. 

After talking, Lexi told me about her and Wes. They are high school sweethearts, together for 10 years, and celebrating their 4th year of marriage this July. WOW! 10 years is something serious. They are absolutely adorable, they have two dogs that they love - one has only 3 legs, they rescued him and he is precious. 

I hope you get the same amount of joy and smiles that I did looking at these two all in love even after 10 years together (through all the awkward stages of life too!).


Lexi & Wes // Happy Anniversary you two!