Lindsay + Parker // Engaged

Lindsay + Parker // Engaged

Clemson, SC


Yet another Clemson couple wanting to go back to their stomping grounds to remember where they fell in love! I love getting to see their favorite parts of campus and walk around hearing how they met, fell in love, and where they are now. There is a lot of picture taking time but my favorite part is getting to know the two in front of my camera. 

Lindsay and Parker met through a club at Clemson, Lindsay was in Tiger Band (what, so cool!) and they currently live in Charleston, SC. They are getting married in Charleston but just really wanted to capture this engagement time in the place that they fell in love. Don't you love that? 

We had the best time rushing to escape the rain and we did it just in time. Oh and they brought along their precious Bassethound, Sophie. Y'all, she was wearing a scarf!!! Can't wait to share these with you.

Congratulations Lindsay and Parker!