Mary Hyatt // Bridals

Mrs. Grant is a married woman!


Y'all, it took all that was within me to wait to share these beautiful bridals. Mary Hyatt is one beautiful bride full of laughs and smiles. I had the absolute best time hanging out with her and 4 of her friends during this session.

Backstory on all of this. First of all, Mary Hyatt knows my husband's family a little bit and that is how she found me. (PTL for Solberg's) When we first scheduled her bridal session, the weather that day was out of whack. Think back to the days when they told us tornadoes and hail were coming. Yeah, perfect for outdoor bridal portraits right? Needless to say, we rescheduled. And let me just tell you our original day ended up being sunny and beautiful out - funny how those things work. The second date we scheduled was just about as rainy and gloomy as it could possibly be. I had a back up plan in place for us and we showed up at Taylor's Mill ready to do this! 

Holy canoli, these are some of my favorite bridal portraits I have ever taken. The girls with us that day made everything so fun, they made Mary Hyatt laugh, I made her spin around and feel ridiculous, and she ended up looking like THIS. Please just take a moment and help me congratulate the new Mrs. Grant! 

Their wedding day will be coming to the blog soon..... :) And just wait until you see his face when she walked in - TEARS!