Sarah Madison & Connor // Engagement

Sarah Madison reached out to me a couple months ago about doing their wedding. I was ecstatic and couldn't wait to meet her and Connor. We got to float around downtown Greenville and find little spots to capture their love for each other. As we were walking we found out that we knew many of the same people and had a lot of the same interests. I love that I now have new friends through this!

I cannot wait for their wedding in May for many reasons but one stood out to me while we were doing their engagement shoot. Connor has such a soft, sweet love for her. He held her bags, cuddled her in gently, and kissed her forehead with such a soft way about it. He adores her. Sarah Madison looks up to him with the biggest heart eyes. You can just see their love exploding and I KNOW on their wedding day this will be even more amplified. 

SM & Connor, y'all are a precious example of young love and I am so thankful that you chose me to capture it all.