Sarah Madison // Bridals

She is a married woman and I can finally share these beauties, woo!

Sarah Madison's bridals are some of my favorites but let me just tell you how the day started - POURING RAIN! Sarah Madison and I chatted back and forth about the weather, because who can control that, and just decided we would do the session at her church if need be. So I drove downtown to the church and walked in to a room full of the most fun, supportive women all there just for her big reveal! Gosh, I was just blown away - she was a vision!

Back to the rain...on my way it started raining and I just thought well this is what God gave us for today so we will own it no matter what (even though I would just love some sunshine)! I prayed and prayed for just a little bit of clearing. And I thought we had it; we started in an alley outside of her church then the rain started coming down again! We took a few inside then lo and behold, the rain went away and even a little sunshine peeked out! By the way, she was handling all of this like a champ so I feel confident that whatever comes her wedding day, she will be golden! 

Sarah Madison and I (along with her crew) got to venture all through downtown Greenville and the images turned out so wonderful. 

Their wedding day, May 19th, was hot and sunny. The perfect weather for an outside wedding - even though we were all dripping in sweat! I love being a part of the most special day of couples' lives for many reasons but one being that I get to see their love flourish and the love of their family and friends surrounding them. Sarah Madison & Connor, I cannot wait to hand over your precious wedding photos but until then, let's all gaze over this beautiful bride!