You can do it all - but you should also do nothing.


You can do it all! Go after your dreams. Make goals, set a plan, accomplish goals. Write a to do list and get things done. There’s only 24 hours each day, live each moment, work each moment, love each moment. Pick up your phone to market, make some deals.

but wait…

You need to rest! Stop all your trying and striving and take some time. You do you, boo. Binge netflix, eat ice cream and oreos, just sit. Get off your phone and give your mindless scrolling a break.

Any of this sound familiar? Honestly, it is exhausting just listing all of that out. We hear one of these rants every day; sometimes both. I am not saying either of these are wrong. I am not saying that I know the answer.

What I am saying is that I am with you. We are all wanting to do our best every day, make more money, be happy, honor Jesus in what we do, be an awesome wife, mom, sister, friend. But we also want to rest our minds, take some time away from the noise.

So why not do both?

There are countless verses on persevering, “not becoming weary in doing good for in time we will reap a harvest”, “we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength” ; as well as countless verses on resting, “being still”, “come to Jesus all you who are weary and burdened and He will give you rest”.

I just felt a nudge while I was reading today and this came to my mind to share it. I guess this is just a white flag for everyone who needs it. Throw up your flag because you have been working too much and taking no time for your family, yourself, or Jesus. Your chance to show your white flag of giving yourself too much rest in a season where you might need to do more in order to rest later.

I don’t know what this might mean for you but I do know that Jesus says “whatever we do, whether in word or deed, do it all for His glory”. So work hard and rest, yes you can do both!! Whatever you are doing, it is what you need for the health of your relationships with Jesus and people, for your family, or for you to keep going so let’s stop comparing and criticizing.

We are all on this journey together so let’s encourage each other toward our goals, spur each other on, and enjoy rest with each other when that time comes too.

Find your freedom, whether it’s in accomplishing tasks or taking a little break. Just remember in your freedom Who you are doing it for.